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That’s the thing about p a i nIt demands to be felt.

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I threw the diadem in a gap in a hollow tree. It didn’t work for me. It never had.

He’d been following me for hours – quietly at first, like a dog tracks a rabbit. Then he lost patience, grew tired of the chase and I heard him crashing through the forest, branches snapping underfoot. My own legs were heavy and aching, and I knew I couldn’t keep running. I’d been running too long. 

The baron emerged from amongst the trees, pale eyed and breathless.

“Helena.” (x)

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shoutout to jordan parrish for never meeting allison but talking about her more than anyone else lmao


Stiles, great kid, zero ability to focus, super smart, never takes advantage of his talents.

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"I feel responsible for certain fans, but I’ve never said I’m a role model."

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We’re the monsters.

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“Drogon,” she sang out loudly, sweetly, all her fear forgotton,

                                                  “D r a c a r y s.”

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The Gaang + Flat Design

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